1. Asset Management 2. Case Studies
3. International Collaboration

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Site1. Asset Management
   Stock Photos & Fine Art Print


For six years I been using Photoshelter.com to host and safely store & backs up our still media files. As a client you will have 24/7  log-in access to your project media files. Stock photos & Wall Art Prints are also available to purchase.

Site 2, Client Marketing & Case Studies


You on the site now! Currently there are 6 case studies. The site is hosted by Squarespace.com. I love these guys! They have a large selection of templates, we can upload still & motion media.
                  Great Places... Portfolio 2

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Site3. International Collaboration


Adobe/Behance Portfolio.

I use the full version of Adobe Creative Cloud. The Behance portfolio is part of the package. This platform is great to communicate with creatives world wide.


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