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1 The brief: This was another personal assignment. Cross between editorial & tripod exteriors.

2 The approach:I decided to go hand held a 5Dm2 with 3 lens no flash gear. Walked through the museum at slow times of the day. Came back on First Thursdays to pick up the dusk view. I also wanted show the people who

3. Post- Production: All of these images where processed in LightRoom then opened up in Photoshop for finishing touches. The Wilson Great Gallery image is composite, see details below.

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From the Wright Brothers to the Space Shuttle...

The Wright brothers first flight was on Dec 17,1903. The first space shuttle flight was April 12. 1981 That’s a span of 78 years!

The Museum of Flight has an excellent collection of aircraft covering 113 years. The first Thursday of every month there is no entrance charge.

Charles Simonyi Space Gallery

Charles Simonyi Space Gallery

J. Elroy McCaw Personal Courage Gallery

J. Elroy McCaw Personal Courage Gallery

The Museum of Flight

The T.A. Wilson Great Gallery.
The Lt.Col Michael P Anderson, Astronaut, Sculptor was Photoshoped into the Great Gallery.

The sculptor was made by Dorothy Fowler and it is located between William E. Boeing Red Barn and the T Evans Wyckoff Memorial Bridge

Charles Simonyi Space Gallery

Museum Of Flight