Great Places to Live Real Estate Photography

Personal mission Statement:

Pre-Production: I personally talk with each client to schedule the assignments.
For the higher price point assignments we can do a no-charge walk through a few days before we start the project.

Here the is the Real Estate Price. Please call and we can put together perfect photo package

Day of Photography: Some agents like to review each photo as they are taken and that’s fine, we can view each image before it’s taken. Or we can walk around and list each room you would like photographed.

Post-Production: I personally edit photos & videos using LightRoom, Photoshop, and Premier Pro. Some outfits send their client’s photos to offshore accounts in India or Asia for image processing.

Scheduling is the big challenge: Here in the pacific northwest fall & winter sunny day’s are hard to come by. I don’t over book, we split up exterior & interior photo sessions, and in some cases I can add a blue sky with photoshop.

With shorter days we can work in dusk exterior views!

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Project 1 Magnolia Washington View Home

 Magnolia view home
 Magnolia view home
Magnolia interior2325.jpg
 Magnolia view home, music room
Magnolia pool2246.jpg
 Magnolia view home  looking Southeast to Seattle

Project 2 Anacortes Washington