Great Places to Live Real Estate Photography

Pre-Production: Does not matter if the listing is $60,000 or $6 million.
I going take great photos!
The first project we need to personally talk to schedule the assignment.

For the challenging & Legacy assignments we can do a no-charge walk through a few days before we start the project. In some of these photos there is 4 to 6 people just out of view.

Top Set: Magnolia View House

1 The brief: Still & Motion Real Estate project for Lili Shang This place is in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, in-house pool, great views, large decks. Half Day Still & Motion Assignment. A really great place to live

3 Results: For a have day assignment with drone still & motion clips I think we told the story and got a good package of both still & motion Link

Post-Production: I personally edit the photos & videos using LightRoom, Photoshop, and Premier Pro. Some outfits send their client’s photos to offshore accounts in India, Asia, or the Philippines for image processing.

Scheduling is the big challenge: Here in the pacific northwest fall & winter sunny day’s are hard to come by. I don’t over book, we can split up exterior & interior photo sessions, and in some cases I can add a blue sky or green grass with photoshop.

With the shorter days we can work in dusk exterior views!

Real Estate Packages

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Set 1 Magnolia Washington View Home

 Magnolia view home
 Magnolia view home
Magnolia interior2325.jpg
 Magnolia view home, music room
Magnolia pool2246.jpg
 Magnolia view home  looking Southeast to Seattle

Set 2 Anacortes Washington. Full day with dusk views.

1 The brief: The Anacortes assignment, was a full day assignment. We needed to start while we had sun on the front of the house and take the west interiors looking west before the sun came streaming in thought the windows.

2 The approach: This is a high-end custom built house, I was planning on taking 60 plus photo to give the marketing team a wide range exterior & interior story options.

3 Results: 87 photos where taken. It took 2 day to process the photo files.

The images are archived on Anacortes