Still & Motion Photography for the
Great Places to Live,
Work & Play Markets.

Carl Bortolami Owner/Photog 425-879-5805

Carl Bortolami


I'm a business guy that runs a creative still & motion media company based in Bellevue WA. My photo/video industry skill set spans 20 years. Here’s my Linked-In bio. 

We tell your Great Places to Live, Work, & Play stories in Print, On Line
and on your Walls.

Keeping Current

To keep current I set a side  3 hours each week to take courses,check out videos, and attend seminars. 

The 22nd Century is here and i’m just trying to keep.

New gear comes out every month, Still/motion, lighting gear. new apps, it’s all very cool.

Lets do some business...

First step... Schedule a meeting. 
My mobile number is posted to the top left. OR a phone discussion will work as well.

A pre-meeting email with links to examples and marketing goals will help to write up estimate options.

Looking forward to meeting…

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