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Hello, I’m Carl Bortolami thanks for stopping by.
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Owner/Director of Photography, Bellevue WA

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My expertise is in delivering great still & motion media files that meets you or your clients marketing goals.

To do this I have invested an enormous amount of time learning how digital marketing & analytics works with my still & motion media. This is a new technology with a learning curve, so I take online courses, read books,magazines, white papers, attended seminars.

Understanding how to read the back-end analytics reports helps us to write up and fine tune our production schedule to capture media that can be placed into print and used online.

I also stay current with latest updates to Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects, InDesgin and wide range of still/motion camera gear. Being able to effectively communicate with everyone in the pipeline makes the whole project more efficient, creative, and profitable.

Now, the only thing left to do is get to work...

Lets start...

First step... We need to set up a meeting. 
My mobile number is posted to the left. An in-person meeting can be set up in Bellevue or Seattle areas. A phone discussion will work as well.

A pre-meeting email with links to examples and marketing goals will help us figure out how plan out the assignment. I can work solo or call up a full crew when needed.

I'm going to ask what is your marketing budget?
The estimate process cost my company between $300 to $1,000 so I need to know we are in the same price range. 

For the next step I talk with Craig Oppernheimer and his team at They write up a detailed  assignment estimate, help in selecting support crew members & freelance talent.

Together we focus on producing great still & motion media assets that meet your marketing goals... 


Working the digital space with 3 web sites

R Cray master 2.jpg

Site1. Asset Management
   Stock Photos & Fine Art Print

This site is hosted by Photoshelter. The site safely stores & backs up our still media files. As a client you will have 24/7  log-in access to your project media files. Stock photos & Wall Art Prints are also available to purchase.

Site 2, Client Marketing & Case Studies

You on the site now! Currently there are 6 case studies. The site is hosted by I love these guys! They have a large selection of templates, we can upload still & motion media.
                  Check out these 2 Landing Page Portfolios

LetsSee ferry 6x4.jpg

CB cover  6x5.jpg

Site3. Behance Portfolio Site

Adobe/Behance Portfolio.

I use the full version of Adobe Creative Cloud. The Behance portfolio is part of the package. This platform is great to communicate with creatives world wide.


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