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Carl Bortolami


I'm a business guy that runs a creative still & motion media company based in Bellevue WA. My work in the photo/video industry spans 20 years. Here’s my Linked-In bio. 

I can work with your team or we can hire a talented support crew.

Asset Management & Archive

In the post production process my editor or I will run the still files through Lightroom. The files are sorted, Key-worded, basic comments are typed in.
I will rate and sort photo files.Next step is developing the files. You will receive a download or
login email. As a client you will have 24/7 
log-in access to your asset files at 

Motion files and projects are stored on in-house hard drives. Files and projects are delivered through, or Vimeo.

ZM Archived photos Illustrate 4 web properties

We can help you Illustrate your story any where on the plant and each asset will be tages with important meta data.

I’m Looking for SquareSpace Design/Buildout help
for & Call or Text

Keeping Current

To keep current I set a side  4 hour blocks of time each week to take courses, watch videos, and attend seminars. 

It's the only way to keep up with the latest updates to Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects, Indesign, plus the wide range of still/motion camera & lighting gear. On the social media marketing side, I have to stay on top of meta data, SEO and analytics. There is alway something new to learn. That’s a good thing!

Being able to use these tools and effectively communicate with everyone on my crew and in the pipeline makes the assignments more efficient, creative, and profitable.

Now, the only thing left to do is get to work...!

Lets do some business...

First step... We need to set up a meeting. 
My mobile number is posted to the top left. An in-person meeting can be set up in Bellevue or Seattle areas. A phone discussion will work as well.

A pre-meeting email with links to examples and marketing goals will help us figure out how plan out the assignment. I can work solo or call up a full crew when needed.

Together we will focus on producing great still & motion media assets that meet your marketing goals...

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