58 sec Video

20 of my first DJI Phantom 4 drone stills in a 58 sec video. Thanks to Imovie & Ken Burns. Thanks for the Great Sound track "Flawless By Daxten. Thanks Peter McKinnon for the link to EpidemicSound.com Thanks to all my clients.

I started flying my DJI Phantom 4 in April 2017. This video was edited down to 20 still drone images.

Basic Meta Date Management

All still and Motion media files store meta data,
Adding meta data to still & motion media  adds 10 to 15 minutes to DAM workflow process. By adding this information the files can be tracked in-house and when they posted to the web. This helps searching the archive to find the media file and when the media it posted any where on the web.  

4 resource sites are listed.  If you have related site please add them to the comment and they will be added the list.

www.controlledvocabulary.com   David Riecks  owner



Tagging still & motion media and working with analytics.

Always check your sites analytics data.

The subject of this post is monitoring  meta data in the still & motion media files. No new news here. I’m still trying to figure how this info is used. 

When I signed up to Square Space I wanted to showcase video projects along with still photos. Turns out most of us are using smartphone and tablets  to communicate and view web data.

My site provider can only show photo banners on smart devices.

My site, LetsSeeSomething.com  analytics  data showed 53% of the traffic to the site was from smart phones and tablets, and only 26%  from desktop computers. 60% used Chrome mobile, 6% used Safari mobile, android devices where used 60% of the time.

So on the design side I need a new idea’s to show off the motion work and once I dig deeper in to the page date I just hopefully start to see how the media meta data tracks. 
I’m going  to use Adobe spark and  short video  clips posted to Youtube and Vimeo.. Then review the analytics.