A day with a Leica M10

I allways wanted to work with a Leica M10. and got my chance Saturday. If interested , you can take a Leica camera out for a day. Leica.com. I emailed to schedule and went to the Bellevue Square Leica store to borrow this M10.
It take a few minutes get use to the controls. The M10 was updated with a Maestro-II processor & 24 MP sensor with manual focus and the basic camera controls. It’s a very nice camera.

Thank you Chrissie White | Leica Brand Ambassador at the Lincoln Square Leica store for setting this up.

I took 340 photo. 45 images files where processed ,tagged, then archived to Zen-Media.com. Leica M10 photo page.
In the next few days I’ll talk about doing vertical panos, the Tesla photos, the Real Estate marketing project,and walking around Old Bellevue.