Keeping current: Joel Grimmes Photo Seminar by Carl Bortolami

I spend around 3 hours per week keeping up or learning the latest tools/skills.

This time it was keeping up with photo skills. Joel Grimes a Arizona based photog was pitching some new courses he developed.
I signed up and got :Behind the lens ,Ten steps to becoming a successful photog,Texturebackground. I learned a lot and use his information in my branding/marketing approach.

Photo comp Museum of Flight main hall, Seattle Washington

Photo comp Museum of Flight main hall, Seattle Washington

Sculptor Dorothy Fowler, Statue Lt. Col. Michael P Anderson, Astronaut

Sculptor Dorothy Fowler, Statue Lt. Col. Michael P Anderson, Astronaut

Still & Motion Photography for SquareSpace Web Design by Carl Bortolami

Tesla Showroom, Bellevue Square

Tesla Showroom, Bellevue Square

Designing or up dating your web site? Working on a new marketing campaign?
Great sites require great still & motion media. We might be able to help. First step, schedule a meeting. After we understand your goals I will email a estimate explaining what we will do and what it will cost options. Including teaching your staff/crew basic photography.

Tesla Store
Tesla Store

Setting Up for 2019 by Carl Bortolami

It’s going to be an exciting year. The Branding Ranch Blog is up, I’m working on a new Issue of GP magazine. Working on a newletter, advertising emailer.

Need a new site? Consider going with Square Space. I call in the top creatives to build the site. Have a good one…

DT Bellevue Walk-around by Carl Bortolami

It was the typical Seattle gray overcast day when I picked up the M10 Leica from the Bellevue Leica store. Some of the best images are posted.

The M10 came with a manual 50mm lens.For most assignments I use wide angle zoom lens. With the Leica & 50mm lens I had to step back about 5 or 6 steps to make the photos. No big deal.

A Tree Lovers House by Carl Bortolami

This large remodeled Mid -Century Clyde Hill home sits on a tree lined lot. The custom deck raps around the house and gives privacy in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the Pacific Northwest. Listing Brokers Mary Nelson, Kathy Madsen, Mark Nelson Architecture

Camera Note:The DJI Phantom 4 drone, Leica M10, & Canon 6Dm2 photo files are shown.
#GreatPlacetoLive #ClydeHillWA

Leica M10 Real Estate Marketing by Carl Bortolami

Real Estate Marketing, Clients Mary Nelson & Kathy Madsen ,brokers with Realogics Sotheby’s , Clyde Hill Listing.

On this project I used 2 cameras and DJI Phantom 4 drone. These 4 photos where taken with the Leica M10 / 50mm lens. Next post ( A Tree Lovers Home ) will have the whole story. After taking the photos with the M10 I switch over to 6D m2 and the 24-105 lens mounted to a Gitzo tripod. The Leica M10 photos did not need lens corrections.The M10 DNG files had good grain and where easy to work with.

Leica M10 Bellevue Square Tesla by Carl Bortolami

Telling a story with 4 photos. The M10 has great metering system. I just had to manually select what needed to be in focus. With a fixed 50mm lens I needed to back up about 8 steps. The M10 dng files looked great I made my normal adjustment,no sharping.

Leica M10 vertical Pano photo by Carl Bortolami

Lightroom and Photoshop gives all photogs extra photo options. The Leica M10 with the
50MM / F2.0 APO ASPH SUMMICRON lens does a great job capturing photos to make segment panos.

The location is Bellevue’s DownTown Park. It was around 3:30 pm. I took 9 frame and had Lightroom process 7 frames to make the pano photo. The pano was opened in Photoshop to lighten up tack & park in the master PSD photo file.

7 vertical photo process in Lightroom to make the pano. Leica M10

7 vertical photo process in Lightroom to make the pano. Leica M10

A day with a Leica M10 by Carl Bortolami

I allways wanted to work with a Leica M10. and got my chance Saturday. If interested , you can take a Leica camera out for a day. I emailed to schedule and went to the Bellevue Square Leica store to borrow this M10.
It take a few minutes get use to the controls. The M10 was updated with a Maestro-II processor & 24 MP sensor with manual focus and the basic camera controls. It’s a very nice camera.

Thank you Chrissie White | Leica Brand Ambassador at the Lincoln Square Leica store for setting this up.

I took 340 photo. 45 images files where processed ,tagged, then archived to Leica M10 photo page.
In the next few days I’ll talk about doing vertical panos, the Tesla photos, the Real Estate marketing project,and walking around Old Bellevue.