Editorial Assignments

Pre-Production: This was one of those personal solo photo journalist projects.

Challenge: I had 8 Friday Night races to tell the MaryMoor Park Story.

Editorial work starts out with a email estimate.

1 The brief: This was personal project 8 assignment days. I was able edit each assignment day and list photos to look for the next assignment day.

2 The approach: Started out taking lots of photos to edit down, after the first Friday I was able to work up a shot list .

3 Results: Did the editing, designed, laid out & published a book through blurb.
Set up my photo achieve workflow and stock image archive.

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Friday Night
Track Racing

No Brakes!

Only direct dive bikes can race and yes they do not have brakes. I seen just one bike crash. No one was hurt!

Marymoor Park Velodrome         
Redmond, Washington

Really fun project. Every Friday night from June to August I took photos. Besides practicing low light & high speed sports photography. Told story the Marymoore Park Velodrome story. I produced a book that's available on my Blurb page.

Velodrome Wall Art and Posters are available.

Page spread from Friday Nights Track Racing book.

Page spread from Friday Nights Track Racing book.