Advertising & Marketing

Pre-Production: Call to set up a meeting.

Production: From the Mercer Island project there was a full crew.
For the Tully’s project, The Tully’s Marketing manager gave the writer & myself
a plant tour.
The Skybridge & Gucci where solo walk arounds.

For Dec & Jan/19 $75 per view Instagram/FB/Blog Still & Motion

Advertising & Marketing projects done by approved estimate.

#GreatPlaceToLive #MercerIsland #GreatPlaceToWork #MaydenbauerBay

1Mercer Island.jpg

Mercer Island WA, Half-Day, Stills for motion project.


4pages, 3 hours, Tullly's Coffee's old Seattle manufacturing facility..

1-15-18 DT Bellevue  LS.jpg
1-15-18 DT Bellevue 2-LS.jpg
1Kirkland Cover.jpg